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Hiring post

Hiring post

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Recruitment Brochure of Hebei Xinhai Chemical Group Co., Ltd.


I. Recruiting the following positions based on the Group's current production needs:
    1. Several operators of oil refining equipment, salary 5k ~ 7k:
    (1) Full-time college degree or above, under 30 years of age;
    (2) Petrochemical, chemical engineering and technology, oil and gas storage and transportation, thermal power, mechatronics, applied chemistry, chemical analysis and inspection, fine chemical engineering, environmental engineering, communication engineering, mechanical design and manufacturing, automation, electrical engineering, and Majors in automation, process equipment and control engineering, measurement and control technology and instruments;
    2. Registered safety engineer, oil and gas storage and transportation engineer, petroleum refining engineer, installation professional construction representative, salary is negotiable:
    (1) Male, full-time undergraduate degree or above, under 40 years of age;
    (2) More than 10 years of relevant work experience;
    3. One hotel management professional, salary 4K ~ 5K:
    (1) Female, full-time college degree or above, under 28 years of age;
    (2) Height above 1.65 meters, good image, good temperament, generous manner, good language expression ability and communication and coordination ability, working place: Xuhong Building, 3 Beijing Road, Cangzhou City;
    4. Two finance personnel, salary negotiable:
    (1) Male, full-time one or above, majoring in finance and accounting, under 30 years of age;
    (2) Have a junior accountant and above qualification certificate, and have more than 1 year of financial management work experience in related enterprises;
    5. One contract crane company, salary negotiable, pay only personal accident insurance:
    (1) Male, high school, technical secondary school or above, under 45 years of age;
    (2) With more than 10 years of work experience in crane industry and professional qualification certificate for crane industry;
    2. Benefits: Five insurance plans (except for contract workers), employees' clothing, food, housing and transportation are provided by the group. Staff accommodation: The staff dormitory is equipped with central air-conditioning, hot water bathing, and separate toilets; dining: four meals and one soup per meal; staff commuting: shuttle bus; shift mode: implement the "four shifts, three downs" work system.
    Group Address: Middle section of Nanshugang Road, Huanghua Port, Bohai New District, Cangzhou.
    4. Human Resources Department Tel: 0317-5606579; Interested parties please send your resume to Xinhai Group Email:

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Address: Middle section of Nanshugang Road, Huanghua Port, Bohai New District, Cangzhou, Hebei Province


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