Company culture
Build a strong domestic petrochemical production and processing base
Xinhai holding group distributes birthday benefits to employees' parents, which is a good fashion of filial piety and respect for the elderly
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Xinhai Holding Group continuously issued Spring Festival benefits to warm the hearts of employees
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Hebei Xinhai Holdings releases agricultural fertilizers
Now is the critical period of spring ploughing production. On March 20th, Hebei Xinhai Holdings distributed more than 40 tons of chemical fertilizers to more than 260 farmers in Maying Village for fre
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Epidemic prevention and control Xinhai is in action ▏Hebei Xinhai Holdings Co., Ltd. loves to be sublimated, highlights the style of large enterprises
When one side is in trouble, the eight sides support, nurturing the society, and love is boundless.
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Epidemic prevention and control Xinhai is in action ▏ Love donation to warm people's hearts
The virus is ruthless, and there is love on earth. Recently, a new outbreak of coronavirus pneumonia has emerged in Wuhan, which has become a severely affected area.
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Hebei Xinhai Holdings Held Charity "Employee Mutual Aid" Event
Hebei Xinhai Holdings actively responded to the call of the Huanghua Federation of Trade Unions to carry out the "One Day Donation for Employees' Mutual Assistance" campaign to raise funds for assista
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Xinhai Holdings Helps Poverty Alleviation
Hebei Xinhai Holdings actively responded to General Secretary Xi Jinping's call for targeted poverty alleviation
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Xinhai Holdings issued Northeast high-quality rice for employee benefits
In order to encourage employees to love their jobs and improve their cohesion, Xinhai Holdings distributed 100 kilograms of high-quality Northeast rice to each employee and sent them the deep love and
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Nandagang Industrial Park May Camp “Three Districts Co-constructed” Comprehensive Cultural Plaza officially opened
The horse camp in the golden autumn season, the autumn wind is refreshing, the fruits are fragrant, and the festive atmosphere is everywhere
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Xinhai Holdings subscribes to Haixing's "Poverty Alleviation" Peach to help fruit farmers overcome difficulties
A few days ago, the link "Thousands of acres of" Poverty Alleviation Peach "in Haixing County was slow-selling, please help them!
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Xinhai Holdings grants golden autumn scholarship to help universities take off
On September 19th, Xinhai Holding's 2019 Golden Autumn Student Activities were held in the conference room on the second floor
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A refreshing summer | Hebei Xinhai Holdings issued summer toiletries
In the hot summer and hot sun, the rising temperature has brought a lot of test to the employees who stick to their posts. In order to make all employees have a refreshing and comfortable summer
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