Company culture
Build a strong domestic petrochemical production and processing base
Party window
Party committee of Xinhai group held working meeting
In the winter, the safety work of the installation site has become the top priority of the current work.
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Hebei Xinhai Holdings releases agricultural fertilizers
Now is the critical period of spring ploughing production. On March 20th, Hebei Xinhai Holdings distributed more than 40 tons of chemical fertilizers to more than 260 farmers in Maying Village for fre
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Epidemic prevention and control Xinhai is in action ▏ Love donation to warm people's hearts
The virus is ruthless, and there is love on earth. Recently, a new outbreak of coronavirus pneumonia has emerged in Wuhan, which has become a severely affected area.
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Xinhai Holdings conducts winter safety inspection
In the winter, the safety work of the installation site has become the top priority of the current work.
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Xinhai Holdings Held a Safety Knowledge Contest "Preventing Risks, Eliminating Hidden Dangers, Containing Accidents, and Welcome to Daqing"
The conference and event center at 6:30 pm on October 8th was warm and there was no absence. The safety knowledge competition for the “Safeguarding Risks
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Xinhai Swimming Pool officially opens
At 8:58 am on September 18th, Xinhai Holdings held the swimming pool opening ceremony in the square on the west side of the office building.
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Hebei Xinhai Holding participates in the summer party of the new district
At 8:00 pm on August 8th, a summer party with the theme of "70th birthday, wind and rain, government and enterprise concentric glory
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Hebei Xinhai Holdings Holds "August 1st" Army Building Symposium
To commemorate the 92nd anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, Hebei Xinhai Holdings held the "August 1st Army Building Symposium" in the conference room on the fourth fl
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On-site teaching during maintenance
On July 8, next to the gas-enriched centrifuge of the coking unit, Wu Shuchen, assistant to the director of the maintenance workshop, explained in detail the principle, structure and operation of the
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1 million tons / year gasoline and diesel hydrorefining device catalyst for regeneration
Since the 1 million tons / year gasoline and diesel hydrorefining unit was started, it has provided a large amount of high-quality diesel for the society. The quality link of high-quality diesel lies
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The Second Party Branch and the Second Party Branch of Production of the Xinhai Group Organized a Special Conference on "Don't Forget Your Original Mind, Remember Your Mission"
On the morning of June 24th, the second party branch of the government organ and the second party of the production organization organized all party members to hold special conferences with the theme
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During the Safety Month—Hebei Xinhai Holdings launches fire fighting skills competition
To implement the company's safety month, the theme is "prevention of risks, removal of hidden dangers, and containment of accidents.
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