Company culture
Build a strong domestic petrochemical production and processing base
When we are enthusiastically preparing for the new year's goods and welcoming the New Year,
Embrace spring [ 2020-03-25 ]
At the beginning of 2020, we started an unusual year.
The Year of the Rat has just passed, and the Spring Festival has arrived, which is another start. But this year is different from the usual year.
Walk with me safely [ 2019-12-25 ]
I have been working in the post for more than half a year. Although the time is short, I have witnessed the company's prosperity and prosperity
When I was young, I was still new to the word regret. It is almost impossible to feel its existence. With the increase of age, many things have happened that are irreparable and irreparable,
On the morning of November 2, the "pomegranate picking" event was held in the pomegranate forest on the south side of the storage and transportation workshop
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