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How to use positive pressure air respirator and precautions

How to use positive pressure air respirator and precautions

Chongqing asphalt workshop conducts theoretical training of compound compressors

In the morning of May 20th, the heavy asphalt workshop invited Yu Haitao, a technician from the maintenance workshop,

Night training-"Fire safety training"

At 6:30 pm on May 21st, Xinhai Night Training started on time. After Xinhai broadcast live, all the cadres and employees watched the video of “Fire Training Safety Training” together.

Night training-"Safety Training in Restricted Space Operations"

The company promotes the safe operation of confined spaces to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of operators in confined spaces

Training and upgrading make full-time guardians the guardians of safe production

In order to build a basic line of safety in production, strengthen personnel safety monitoring capabilities,

Catalytic joint workshop for hazardous chemical safety training

In order to deeply implement the company's safety production policy of “Safety First, Responsibility First, Prevention First”,

Safety training in finished product workshops

In order to further cultivate the safety awareness and safety operation skills of all employees

Learn from DuPont safety culture and strengthen company safety management

In order to implement the requirements of the Cangzhou Work Safety Committee on learning DuPont's safety management concepts,

Quality inspection department training on asphalt wax content determination operation

On the morning of April 18th, the quality inspection department organized employees to conduct training on the determination of asphalt wax content.

The company organizes all staff skills training to comprehensively improve the awareness of equipment management

On the morning of April 18, the company organized training on equipment maintenance management knowledge.
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